What People Are Saying

The course was very insightful, it certainly helps me to better understand google analytics in helping my e-commerce.


3 March 2021

William Tan, Sales Manager

A very detailed course which will give learner deeper knowledge. Will recommend to those interested to learn more about data analytics. However learner for this course should have some knowledge and background with e-commerce. A very responsible course instructor. Thumbs up!


3 March 2021

Deborah Tan, Director

Thanks Cheak for the past 3 days training. You are very patient and passionate in teaching. Thanks for staying late to help everyone and also sharing your experience and extra knowledge with us. Good luck and see you again.


26 February 2021

Low Chun Kit, Consultant

The course is really helpful to me in understanding the basic knowledge of data analysis in E-commerce merchandise store - GA UA and Facebook Ads.


26 February 2021

Pang Jia Yin, Marketing Manager

Great course to take especially if you own or manage an e-commerce business. Besides the essential theoretical aspects that is taught, you will gain practices, hands on experience that will definitely be beneficial to you.


26 February 2021

Brian Low Le-En, Senior Marketing / PR Executive

Mr Cheak is very thorough and ensure that we fully understand the course content of Data Analytics. For me, helping me navigate through the maze and understand the entire application. 


26 February 2021

Pansy Long, Director of Sales and Marketing

Highly recommended, outstanding in learning complex skills and has a positive attitude towards complex training session. 


26 February 2021

Vullikanti Vinod, IT Web Engineer

This course has definitely refresh and improved my views on Sales Channel Management. The outline of the course is in depth and enriching. Speaker is very professional when comes to teaching and sharing. It ensures learners are able to understand all concepts.


27 January 2021

Gelynn Chen, Marketing Director

"Digital Customer Experience Management was a well coordinated course conducted by Mr Cheak. A knowledgeable and well experienced individual who helped us understand different engagement strategies for a customer journey. He also elaborated how to justify enhancement to customer engagement. Through analysing different case studies, we were able to apply customer behaviour analysis using qualitative and quantitative assessment methods."

14 December 2020

Hena Allana, Director & Teacher Educator (Paatshala LLP – Edu)

“Trainer Cheak is equipped with a vast knowledge on his E-Commerce experience therefore from his teaching it is fast and quick; especially enhanced on my existing knowledge to good use.” 


14 December 2020

Choi Jin Ann 

“The course is quite innovative, concise and applicable to the working environment. Good and clean environment (classroom) and friendly supporting staffs. Trainer was Mr Cheak”


14 December 2020

Koh Teng See Rudy

“I have a better idea of Digital Customer Experience in terms of sales and customer experience/services. We have also a better view of this module after taking this course. Customer service is important in business and this shall determine a company’s success. However employees also play a part in bringing up the company too.”


14 December 2020

Kairuzaman Bin Ahmad Taha