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Low Cost Photoshoot Ideas for Your Online Store

There are many factors that contribute to a successful sale in a brick-and-mortar store. Shoppers are free to roam about the retail space, receive face-to-face customer service assistance, and fully experience the products upclose by feeling them or trying them on. When it comes to online shopping, some of these elements are taken away. That is why images of your products play a key role in influencing your customer’s purchase decision today.

Product images act as a visual representation of how your products should look and feel. A poorly-executed product shoot may damage the credibility and reputation of your brand. While professionally taken product images and lookbook shots are most ideal, we understand that it may come at a hefty price to bear for a small business that is just starting up. With a little help from the trusty smartphone (or preferably a camera that you may borrow), editing tools, planning and practice, you may embark on a fun photoshoot experience on your own.

Before we begin…

Create a mood board prior to your photoshoot by putting together a set of 5-12 visuals that you would like to emulate in terms of its lighting, colour or ambience that will eventually construct your overall desired visual aesthetic. This will give you a clear direction on the day of your photoshoot, and also help you to determine what is required to execute the shoot. For instance, if your mood board consists of images taken in natural lighting, that may indicate that you will have to shoot in the morning to capture the same amount of sunlight. Even if you are engaging a professional photographer for your photoshoot, this is still an essential step in communicating your visual direction to your photographer.

Based on your mood board, you should get a better idea of where and when your photos should be taken. Are the visuals taken in a home setting? Do they resonate with people of certain demographics? If so, where would you picture your target audience to be? Whatever it may be, we have compiled some low cost photoshoot ideas that you may experiment with to kickstart your e-commerce business!


1. Flat Lays

Example of a flat lay

Photo Courtesy of 4319.CO (Used with permission)

Flat lay images are wildly popular especially when Instagram first came into play. People are taking flat lays of their meals, coffee breaks, and even their shopping haul. There is little to no cost in creating your own flat lay images. All you will need is a well-lit space, a flat surface and some props to style your flat lay with.

– Anywhere with well-lit space and a flat surface.


2. Lifestyle Shots

Lifestyle images are perfect for helping your customers to visualise your product in use. The environment that your lifestyle shoot should take place in ought to also be based on the practicality and relevance of the featured product. For instance, if you are selling organic baby food, your lifestyle shoot should definitely not take place in a bar. Unless that goes with your branding, of course.

There are plenty of places where you can take lifestyle shots at little to no cost, such as at home, the beach, a park and even local cafes! When shooting at local cafes, do seek permission prior to your shoot and tag your fellow local business owners on social media! Supporting local businesses should go both ways. Depending on the nature of your business and products, here’s a list of venues you may choose from!


We often see items such as pillowcases, skincare products, baby cribs or coffee mugs shot in a home setting, however that is not what in-home lifestyle shots are limited to. As long as it falls within your branding and speaks to your target audience, feel free to give home shoots a go!

Here are some visual examples of an in-home lifestyle shoot promoting a range of under-eye facial masks:

– In the comfort of your own home
– At a friend’s home


Example of an outdoor lifestyle shot for activewear

In-home lifestyle shoots may be a little more convenient as there wouldn’t be a need to lug your products along, but the atmosphere at outdoor venues will definitely be a huge pay off for all of the hard work! Here are some outdoor venues in Singapore that you may explore!

Chinese Garden

East Coast Park


Singapore Botanic Gardens

Jurong Lake Gardens

Jewel Changi Airport

Coney Island

Changi Boardwalk


– Chinese Garden
– Singapore Botanic Gardens
– Jurong Lake Gardens
– Sentosa
– East Coast Park
– Jewel Changi Airport
– Changi Boardwalk
– Coney Island
– Local Cafes (with permission)


3. Product-Only Photos

Product-only photos can be taken with or without a white background. For product-only photos with a white background, we would recommend purchasing an affordable photo box from online marketplaces.

Product-Only Image taken with a photo box

Photo Courtesy of 4319.CO (Used with permission)

Product-Only Image taken without a photo box

Photo Courtesy of 4319.CO (Used with permission)

There are also instructions and/or tutorials online that will show you how to create your own photo box! We haven’t tried that tip for ourselves, but we would love to hear your thoughts on DIY photo boxes if you have created one yourself!

– Anywhere you’re most comfortable in.

If you tried out any of these photoshoot ideas or have any additional venues that you’d like to add, leave a comment!

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