SGD $130.00

Exclusive of GST after SSG Funding
Course Fees: $1,300.00(Exclusive of GST)

Course Fee Payable:

 Singaporean CitizenSingaporean PR
Company-Sponsored (Non SME)SGD 940SGD 940
Company-Sponsored (SME)SGD 130SGD 130
Self-Sponsored (21 – 39 years old)SGD 940SGD 940
Self-Sponsored (Above 40 years old)SGD 130SGD 940
About SSG Training Grant
– Course fee after SSG training grant may vary and the eventual funding amount is subject to SSG’s final approval.
– From 1 Jan 2022, SkillsFuture course funding will be revised to a baseline of 50% subsidy, with an additional 20% subsidy (up to 70% subsidy) for SMEs and Mid-career individuals (Singapore citizens above 40 years old)
– Should there be any discrepancy with your eligible funding, your invoice will be revised and you will be notified of the revision before the course.

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