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Digital Initiative by Wong Fong Academy

GoldWire was established on the prospects of equipping clients with the skills and fundamentals to take their businesses to great heights through digital solutions. In the rapidly evolving world that we live in today, consumers are now more meticulous in their purchase decisions than ever. A consumer can easily determine if a product or service is worth spending on with just 10-minute research on the internet. That’s where GoldWire comes in to elevate your brand to stand out above the rest in this tremendously competitive era. 

The organization was molded from Wong Fong Academy, an educational institute that has provided a multitude of skill training to all industrial sectors in Singapore for more than a decade (since 2011). As technology expanded, GoldWire was conceived by the academy as a digital initiative to help participants effectively utilize digital solutions in their daily operations. As such, ten specially curated courses were introduced. GoldWire has carefully planned the educational journey of these courses to bring participants the best and most comfortable learning experience while having access to in-depth information on the subject matter. 

Here at GoldWire, we are constantly adapting to new developments in the digital field and hope to create a community of like-minded individuals in this journey of exploration. 

Our services cater to the needs of all industries seeking to enhance their digitalization game. Feel free to reach out to us; we are more than happy to advise you on the best course to suit your needs. 

Join us now. The future awaits you.

Meet Our Instructors

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Cheak Hong Ian

A master in the industry of over 13 years of experience, Cheak Hong Ian has been engaged in digital marketing and writing both in-house and for agencies and has serviced numerous organisations from SMEs to MNCs. He has worked with prominent brands such as – BMW, Emerson, Bata, Julie’s Biscuits, NCS, Puma, The Golden Duck, Trinity Medical, and more. He has built a reputation across Singapore and the Asia Pacific region for reaching out and helping tens of millions of people, managing over S$5 million in digital advertising budget to date.

Jason Ong

As a business owner of a web development company as well as a Singapore Poly Adjunct Lecturer for over a decade. Jason Ong has natured his students and brands to their fullest potential in digital marketing, e-commerce and branding solutions. His clients range across a multitude of industries such as F&B, Retail, Aviation, Fashion and Hospitality, Logistics, Online/Offline Retail, Aviation and Hospitality.