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WSQ accredited E-commrece and Digital Marketing Certification courses

Begin your journey as an entrepreneur with us at Gold Wire! Transform your ideas into a viable venture with Wong Fong Academy’s 10 specialised courses. Each course is designed to guide you in assessing business opportunities, harnessing innovation, and developing entrepreneurship skills. Be it learning the ways of Search Engine Optimisation or creating an E-Commerce platform on Shopify or even reforming your social media pages such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, our courses will set you on your way to becoming a digital age business magnate.

*The duration of each course varies between 8 to 24 hours *Course participants are subjected to receive up to 90% subsidy

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10 Tailored Specialised Courses

Why You Will Succeed With Goldwire WSQ Digital Marketing course

“We are driven to create success stories through our education program ensuring you that the knowledge you’ve acquired through our courses is also applicable in the workplace and businesses.” – CEO Edmund


Tools To Build Your Business

Our courses are curated to immerse participants in real-world learning which allows you to put yourself in the shoes of leading business leaders. Additional learning guides and takeaway templates will be provided to guide participants in bona fide scenarios.

Interactive Coaching

Our courses are not your typical sit-back-and-listen lecture, participants will be engaged in a series of learning activities, presentations, and interactive lectures to unlock your full potential as an entrepreneur.

Professional Training

Our team of tutors have years of experience and expertise in digital marketing and e-commerce training. Each lesson is packed with information that participants will be of value beyond the classroom and into the real-world.

Pillars For Success

Course participants are given the opportunity to enrol into Gold Wire’s Lifelong Learning Community upon completion of the course. Participants will receive support and advice from facilitators of the group. On an additional note, participants of our ‘Develop An E-Commerce Webstore’ are entitled to a development store that lasts for a period of 180 days. *Only applicable upon completion of the course.

Hear from our students

"Digital Customer Experience Management was a well coordinated course conducted by Mr Cheak. A knowledgeable and well experienced individual who helped us understand different engagement strategies for a customer journey. He also elaborated how to justify enhancement to customer engagement. Through analysing different case studies, we were able to apply customer behaviour analysis using qualitative and quantitative assessment methods." — 14 December 2020
Hena Allana
Director & Teacher Educator (Paatshala LLP – Edu)